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We are Vishous & Phury and together we are Vishous Phury Designs.

We love PSP and creating new things and we love to share our creations with you.

Vishous is from Canada and Phury is from the Netherlands, even tho we live far apart we have been friends for quite a few years.

We hope you enjoy our creations, please leave some love when you snag some goodies.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exclusive Freebie on our Facebook Page

YAY we have another freebie for you.

You only have to like our Facebook Page and click the Exclusive Freebie image and you can download a gorgeous new element pack.

The pack contrains an owl, spring birds and a tree and each comes in 4 colours they off course match the other elements.

The pack is CU OK.

Hope you like the pack, let's us know what yout hink of it and we always want to see your creations.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Hugs Ankie

  2. Your freebie is absolutely cute to the enth degree. I do, however have a question. Your TOU is CU OK, but in reading your requirements, the freebie really isn't CU. I am new at this, haven't created any kits yet but I do not understand how this can be CU OK but I cannot use the items in a personal use kit for sale. Would you please explain this to me as I do not want to do anything wrong. Thank you.



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