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We are Vishous & Phury and together we are Vishous Phury Designs.

We love PSP and creating new things and we love to share our creations with you.

Vishous is from Canada and Phury is from the Netherlands, even tho we live far apart we have been friends for quite a few years.

We hope you enjoy our creations, please leave some love when you snag some goodies.
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CT Team

Freebie Clusterframe Love me Green 2

Busy Bees they are, our wonderful CT Team.

CT Crystal made a really nice clusterframe with the kit Love me Green and you can use it any time, it has no St Patrick design.

Hope you like it and please share with us what you create with it, we would really love to see your creations.

To download click HERE.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Another 2 Tag Tutorials

Our CT Team has been busy, got another 2 tag tutorials for you.

One made with the kit Love me Green and the other with the kit Lucky Me.

I absolutely love them.

Just click the tags to go to the tutorial.

You can buy the kit at:

You can buy the kit at:

We would love to see what your versions of these tag tutorials are.

Have a great evening,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tag Tutorial with the PTU kit Lucky Me

I would like to tell you about one of the stores we sell at.

It's called Artistic Angelz and it's created for a special purpose.

All the items there are sold exclusively at Artistic Angelz and all the profit doesn't go to the designer(s), but all proceeds goes to members of the PSP Community that are having a rough time and need some help.

Read more about it HERE.

We at VPD have one kit there for sale and it's called Lucky Me.

I know ST Patricks was last month, but I really wanted to advertise Artistic Angelz.

Plus I have a Tag Tutorial for you, made with this kit.

Just click the tag and it will take you to the tutorial.

As always we would love to see your creations.

For now I wish you all a good night,

Another Love me Green Tag Tutorial

Good evening everyone.

I have yet another Tag Tutorial for you today, made with the kit Love me Green.

Even though it's originally a ST Patricks kit, this tag is a perfect example how you can use it for many other things.

Just click the tag to go to the tutorial.

You can buy this kit at:

Still working like crazy on our latest scrapkit, I always make too many elements in too many different colours, I am dreadful in being selective.

Thankfully that's where Vishous comes in, she is much better in deciding what stays and what goes.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Freebie - Facebook Timeline Template

Good afternoon, hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Mine is kinda slow today, picked up my new glasses, which I desperately needed, I have very bad eyesight -10.00 and -10.25 and my glasses were not the right prescription anymore.

The world was quite fuzzy, everything is now extremely sharp with the new glasses that it's making me queesy.

Today I have a Facebook Timeline Template for you.

Was my first try making those and I hope you can make use of it.

I added both a psp image and a psd file in the zip.

You can download it HERE.

Would love to see the timelines you create with it.

Enjoy your days,

Love me Green Tag Tutorial

Good afternoon everyone, another sunny day in the Netherlands.

Today I am dogsitting on my boyfriends doggy his name is Bliksem translated that means Lightning and he is a typical terriƫr sometimes.

He really doesn't tolerate strangers on the balcony well, so I am dogsitting to keep him in line.

Working on a new scrapkit at the same time, productive day so far.

We have anoter  Tag Tutorial for you today, they are made with out kit Love me Green, originally a ST Patricks scrapkit, but out CT Carol has made a gorgeous tag with it without using the ST patricks elements.

Here is a preview of the kit and you can buy it in all off our stores except Artistc Angelz.

Here is the tag made with the kit, just click on the image to go to the tutorial.

We would love to see your creations you make with this kit and/or this tutorial.

Have a wonderful day,

Monday, April 8, 2013

Freebie PU Element pack, gorgeous trees.

Good evening everyone, hope your day was as beautiful as mine, spring has finally arrived here in the Netherlands.

No need for a scarf, mittens or a thick wintercoat, I was actually wearing some sunglasses and really enjoyed playing outside with the dog.

Even though it was such nice weather we have many updates today on the blog:

Three new tag tutorials, made by our wonderful CT Team.

A freebie clusterframe made from our scrapkit Spring into Easter.

And an personal use element pack with 2 gorgeous trees in 5 different colour arrangements.

Click to download HERE.

Add them to any of your tags, I think they will look especially wonderful in some spring designs.

Don't forget to follow our blog if you want to be kept updated.

Enjoy your evening,

PTU Scrapkit Spring into Easter

You may wonder why on earth we would post an Easter scrapkit when easter has come and gone.

Well several reasons, we only launched this blog yesterday and we want all the scrapkits we made so far added to the blog and not wait for next year AND later I will post some Tag Tutorials and one member of our CT Team made a wonderful tut with this kit that's has nothing to do with easter.

Just want to show you all that you don't have to stick with the main theme to make beautiful tags.

This kit is a PTU scrapkit, but we like to keep our prices low it's only $2.00 in all the stores we sell at.

Will also be sharing a freebie clusterframe made with this kit.

So here it is our beautiful scrapkit (I am allowed to say this about my own kits right?) Spring into Easter.

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Facebook Freebie, just like our page.

Vishous Phury Designs has some gorgeous CU freebies for you.

Two different cakes in three different colour arrangements.

They will make a wonderful addition to your kits or any of your scrapping needs.

They are CU ok, so you can add them to your kits or sell them as is or in other element packs, please do read our TOU first.

Just go to our page:

Like us and click on the red heart titled Exclusive Freebie and you can download these rocking cakes.

Have a great day,


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