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We are Vishous & Phury and together we are Vishous Phury Designs.

We love PSP and creating new things and we love to share our creations with you.

Vishous is from Canada and Phury is from the Netherlands, even tho we live far apart we have been friends for quite a few years.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Freebie PU Element pack, gorgeous trees.

Good evening everyone, hope your day was as beautiful as mine, spring has finally arrived here in the Netherlands.

No need for a scarf, mittens or a thick wintercoat, I was actually wearing some sunglasses and really enjoyed playing outside with the dog.

Even though it was such nice weather we have many updates today on the blog:

Three new tag tutorials, made by our wonderful CT Team.

A freebie clusterframe made from our scrapkit Spring into Easter.

And an personal use element pack with 2 gorgeous trees in 5 different colour arrangements.

Click to download HERE.

Add them to any of your tags, I think they will look especially wonderful in some spring designs.

Don't forget to follow our blog if you want to be kept updated.

Enjoy your evening,


  1. The link doesnt work. These are gorgeous wish I could of snagged them.
    Thank you

    1. Don't know why you have trouble downloading, but I have made an alternative link for you.


      Hope this works better for you.




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